August 27, 2015 sphsalumni

Below is an excerpt from an email dated August 26, 2015 from SPHS Alumni Association Archives Chairperson, Marc Adelman, informing us of the good news that MUSIC IS BACK AT SOUTHERN THIS YEAR!!!

“When I arrived at school today, I immediately crossed paths with Principal Hackney who could hardly contain himself as he informed me that “The music program is returning to Southern,” and not in dribs and drabs but in a full time effort by 3 staff members; one full-time music teacher; one part-time music assistant and one intern from the Curtis Institute of Music.

Once again, Principal Hackney has followed through and fulfilled another promise he made to himself, future students and our alumni association. Music will begin to fill the Music and Chorus Rooms and filter through the hallways and consciousness of every South Philadelphia High School student.

. . . . . .

A music program at SPHS is major news. Music belongs in South Philadelphia High School. Just as it changed the course of the lives of so many working poor immigrant and neighborhood students, back in the day, who contributed and innovated music for the entire world to enjoy it will do the same for today’s students with the same results. It is time for the caterpillar to become a butterfly; for the soul of South Philly through the diversity of its cultures to permeate the lives of its student, staff, parents and community.”