SPHS Alumni Executive Board and Executive Committee Members 2019-2023

SPHS Alumni Board


JOYCE GAROZZO ’70 – President, Web Page Committee Co-Chairperson, Member, Newsletter Committee. Member Cultural Hall of Fame  Committee, Scholarship Committee Member

TAREZ WILLIAMS ’84 – Vice President, Ad Book Chairperson, Membership Co-Chairperson

ELIZABETH OLIVIERI ’75 – Secretary, Hall of Fame Banquet Chairperson – Social Media Co-Chairperson

JOSEPH MANZO ’61 –Treasurer, Cultural Hall of Fame Chairperson,  Scholarship Committee, Chairperson

FRAN GUILES ’70 – Assistant Treasurer, Editor of Newsletter

SPHS Alumni Committee Members

MARC ADELMAN ’57 – Archives Chairperson




GIOVANNA CAVALIERE ’60 -Award of Excellence Committee/Luncheon Co-Chairperson

SAM CHATIS ’58 – Past President

RITA D’ARMI ’58 – Past Secretary

PAUL DELLAVECCHIA ‘ 62 – Athletic Hall of Fame Co-Chairperson

DR. ANTHONY  EVANGELISTO ’58 – School Revitalization Chairperson, Member, Award of Excellence Committee

YVONNE HAUGHTON ’77 Public Relations Chairperson

HENRIETTA PATRICK ’65 – Member, Scholarship Committee

VIVIAN PERPIGLIA ’52 –  Award of Excellence Committee/Luncheon Committee Co-Chairperson

LOU PINTO ’74 – Co-Chairperson Social Media

WILLIE POLLINS ESQ ’84 – Membership Co-Chairperson, Web Page Committee,

TERRELL ROBINSON ‘ 85 – Scholarship Committee Member

LARRY SECHUK ’77  – Athletic Hall of Fame Co-Chairperson