Betty Jean Holmes-Brown ’66

Betty Jean Holmes-Brown ’66 (deceased) made outstanding contributions to Sothern’s Athletic program, receiving Varsity letters in three sports: Basketball, Badminton and Track and Field. She brought world-wide recognition and distinction to South Philadelphia and Southern. At the age of 14, Betty was a member of the United States Junior Olympic team, breaking records in the long jump and 75 yard dash. At the age of 17, at a Madison Square Garden Track and Field meet she set an AAI long jump record of 19 feet. Betty starred on teams at the Marian Anderson Recreation Center, the Philadelphia Pioneers and the LaMott Track Club.

As a child, she excelled in almost every sport she participated in winning Yo-yo and marble shooting contests and games of softball, gymnastics and roller skating. Many of Betty’s accomplishments are featured in The History of American Women in Track and Field.