Joe Margolis ’53

Joe Margolis ’53

Joe was a back-up guard on the 1954
SPHS basketball team, one of the finest
basketball teams in history and this can
be attested to by the fact that 4 of the 5
starters are in the SPHS Athletic Hall
of Fame. Joe’s accomplishments started
shortly after he was hired by Brooklyn
College in 1963 as a lecturer in the Dept

of Health and Phys Ed. In a letter of rec-
ommendation for Joe, an “Iconic” DIV.1

athletic coach, summarized Joe’s resume to

a condensed form. He stated, “I do not be-
lieve you may again come across a resume

as diversified as Joe’s”. In 1964, he was ap-
pointed head coach of men’s swimming-a

team that had not had a winning season
in 28 years. As head coach for 11 years, his
teams won 10 championships. He excelled
as an Athletic Dir. in charge of 20 teams
for men and women. He is the author
of numerous publications on sports, and
several appeared in the New York Times.”
He has often been referred to as, “One
of the most widely published athletic
directors in the nation”. He created an
Athletic Hall of Fame in his first year as
Athletic Director. Joe was invited by the
Speaker of the House, of the New York
State Senate to give a presentation to State
Senators on Athletic Concerns. He started
a movement for a major sports complex in
Brooklyn. He was invited to appear on a
popular late-night talk show, with the Pres.

of a Private University to discuss legisla-
tion which would have greatly affected the

“Final Four” March Madness. Hard work
and determination led him to the top of
the Athletic Dept. of Brooklyn City
College. He retired as a full Prof
Emeritus. He states “I really enjoyed my
career-never dull”!!