Dr. Henry I. Miller ’64

Dr. Henry I. Miller ’64

Dr. Henry I.
Miller, MS, MD,
is the Robert Wes- son Fellow in Scientific Philoso- phy and Public Policy at Stanford
University’s Hoover Institution
where his research focuses on pub- lic policy toward science and tech- nology. Miller worked for 15
years at the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration where he was the
founding director of the FDA Of- fice of Biotechnology (from 1989-
1994) and an outspoken advocate
for agricultural biotechnology, in- cluding genetically engineered or- ganisms. He is a regular
contributor of opinion articles to
Forbes.com and frequently appears
on two nationally syndicated radio
programs. Miller has become well
known, not only for his contribu- tions to scholarly journals, but also
for his articles and books that

make science, medicine, and tech-
nology accessible. His work has

been widely published in many
languages. Monographs include

Policy Controversy in Biotechnol- ogy: An Insider’s View; To Amer-
ica’s Health: A Model for Reform

of the Food and Drug Administra- tion; and The Frankenfood Myth:
How Protest and Politics Threaten
the Biotech Revolution. In addi- tion, Miller has published exten- sively in a wide spectrum of
scholarly journals and popular
publications worldwide.
Miller was selected by the editors
of Nature Biotechnology as one of
the people who had made the
“most significant contributions” to
biotechnology during the previous
decade. He serves on numerous
editorial boards. During his gov- ernment service, Miller partici- pated frequently on various expert

and policy panels as a representa- tive of the FDA or the US govern-