SPHS Alumni Day & School Tour Friday, Nov. 8th

SPHS Alumni Day & School Tour Friday, Nov. 8th
November 4, 2019 sphsalumni

South Philadelphia High School Principal Chek-Taylor would like to extend an invitation to
you, as an SPHS Alumnus, to tour the school next Friday, Nov. 8th, between 9:30 a.m.-11:30
a.m. or any part thereof.  This tour will be led by Student Association members and highly
responsible students with SPHS staff supervision.  The tour is part of a new 3-day Philly
Alumni school district initiative.

The purpose of the Philly Alumni program is many fold but for the tour part of the initiative,
the purpose is to enable you, as an alum of South Philadelphia High School, to familiarize
yourselves with the re-purposing of the school as a Community School; its overall objectives;
it's structure; its curriculum; its students; and other community partners who share in our
interest of support.

Is this a time for you to wax nostalgia about this particular classroom and that particular
teacher…sure?  But most importantly, it is a time for all of us to move the SPHS staff’s
agenda forward by understanding whom we serve and why we serve.  I can guarantee you
that after meeting our students and the SPHS staff you will come away with knowledge of
facts and purpose that will only make you proud of your shared experiences as a student and
now an alumnus.

As an aside, for addressing the physical demands of the tour, the elevators will be at our
disposal and you can limit the length and time of your participation depending on your
physical needs and scheduling.

Please email [email protected] to register.
Thank you and, hopefully, you will be able to attend